Hey RH,
Hope you had a good reading break!
Here is your week at a glance for November 18 – November 24.

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Monday, November 18: Nothing in the calendar

Tuesday, November 19: 12 – 1 Mental Health Group presents Dr. Michael Ellery in room 207

12 – 1 MILSA General Meeting in room 200G

Wednesday, November 20: 12 – 1 CARL presents Crim/migration: A Panel Discussion with Nalini Reddy (Pitblado) & Sofia Mirza (Fillmore Riley) in room 206 – for students interested in criminal law, immigration & refugee law

12 – 1 COC Collection Drive for Main Street Project

1 – 3 Sexual & Reproductive Rights Seminar in room 206: No Expectation of Privacy: Exposing Surveillance Culture in South Korea (Prof. Nancy Kang, Women’s and Gender Studies)

Thursday, November 21: 12 – 1 CLG presents Chancellor Anne Mahon on realities of gang life: why members join and leave, and causes and solutions to organized crime in Moot B

Friday, November 22: N/A

Saturday, November 23: N/A

Sunday, November 24: N/A