Hey RH,
Happy New Year! I hope you all got the break that you needed. Here is your week at a glance for January 6 – 12.

All Week: If you want anything posted on the robsonmlsa.com website or have an event to post on the MLSA calendar, please message Maddy Laval. Message Simone Marcoux @themlsa to share information/pictures on Instagram.

Monday, January 6: Classes begin

Tuesday, January 7: 12 – 12:50 CDO Presents 1L Summer 2020 Calgary Recruit Info Session in Moot B

Wednesday, January 8: 12 – 1 RH Annual Mini Moot Info Session in room 204
12 – 1 Main Street Project Collection Drive

Thursday, January 9: N/A

Friday, January 10: 4:00 Student Conference Funding Application deadline. Please check your emails from Nov. 22.

Saturday, January 11: N/A

Sunday, January 12: N/A