The Governance Coordinator is responsible for preparing, publishing and distributing the agenda and minutes for each MLSA meeting and keeping careful custody of all records and documents of the MLSA, pursuant to the MLSA Constitution.

Kyla Kavanagh

Governance Coordinator

Kyla is a 2L student who completed her undergrad at the U of M with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a double minor in Political Studies and Religion.

During her first year at Robson Hall, Kyla enjoyed attending various student group meetings and visiting speaker lectures, working on her volunteer project with Pro Bono Students Canada, and furiously highlighting textbooks in the common room. On evenings and holidays she could be found sweeping away the competition in the Robson Hall curling league, and being a cheerful member of Robson’s low-talent-high-enthusiasm Law Games and intramural volleyball teams.

In the spare time that Kyla doesn’t spend asking Senator Podaima to explain legal concepts to her, she loves to eat soup, cross country ski, and gaze longingly at photos of dogs on the internet.


The Council Chair is responsible for chairing MLSA council meetings in accordance with the MLSA Constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Darius Maharaj-Hunter

Council Chair


The CRO is responsible for administration of MLSA elections in accordance with the MLSA Constitution.

Elly MacRae


Elly is a 2L student at Robson Hall. In her first year, she completed consent culture workshop training with the FLF and also volunteered with other Robson Hall students at a middle school event called Imagination Destination. Elly also pulled out a great season in Law League soccer (she tore her ACL in the first game).

In her undergrad, Elly completed a degree with a double major in Criminology and Political Studies. She was an active member of the SPCSA and was also elected to a representative position on UMSU, where she served on the Governance Committee and Judicial Board.

Outside of school, Elly spends most of her time working on DIY projects, reading, and watching The Office. Inside of school, Elly spends most of her time at Dayside cafe getting double chocolate muffins.