Shawn, a 2L student at Robson Hall, wants to serve you as MLSA President. Understanding that we are faced with a lot of uncertainty right now, Shawn is confident that he can navigate these challenges with meaningful relationships and effective advocacy. 

Shawn has a history of leadership in governance and law. He has served your community as a representative in the UM senate, UMSU General Assembly and committees, as well as high-level disciplinary bodies. Outside of classes, Shawn actively participates as a member of the Manitoba Criminal Justice Association and the Canadian Criminal Justice Association’s Policy Review Committee. He has also worked for several years with legislators in Manitoba and the federal Parliament. 

At Robson Hall, he’s helped you connect with programs like our bi-annual exam cram and the buddy program. At a more structural level, he’s also worked with the Associate Dean’s Office and the Academic Affairs committee, among others,  to implement a course culture content warning, as well as execute a nation-wide survey on the effects of digital learning on law school students. Shawn is a committed voice for students at Robson Hall and will make sure your voice is heard when decisions are being made.  

When he isn’t nerding out on policy, Shawn likes to listen to eclectic music from around the world, likes to talk about issues of all sizes and, most of all, likes to meet new people. Personally, he has a passion for stretching a little deeper into his favorite yoga poses, as well as cycling across greater Winnipeg. 

If you’ve taken a class with him or find him in the hallways, you’ll know that Shawn loves to chat! Let’s talk – feel free to connect any time, over any medium.