Michael is a 2L at Robson Hall passionate about making sure you get the best law school experience in these tumultuous times. This election is about looking forward, and as someone who has reflected on his experience to make a situation better time after time, Michael Badejo believes he is the best choice for MLSA President to help guide Robson Hall with all of you. Michael pledges to be a President for all students, laying out his platform in four major areas: 3 C’s and an A. 

Career – because your professional development matters

Class – because your academic opportunity is as important as your professional opportunity.

Community – because it makes us who we are.

Accountability – because the ties that bind us together are a two-way street.

Please see his Platform Highlights or his Full Platform to learn more about how he tackles these and important issues like diversity, mental health, the articling experience, a changing atmosphere and more. 

He currently sits in the MLSA Council as a voting member, the Manitoba Bar Association Representative. In this role, Michael organizes events for 1L and other students to connect with their mentors – practicing professionals and the larger legal community. Receiving the 2020 MBA President’s Award of Excellence for his work, Michael also actively manages his seat on the Manitoba Bar Association Council where he is advocating to the voice of the profession for students like you. 

Michael came to Robson Hall in 2019 after having a career in media relations and corporate communications. His past administrative experience includes being strategic advisor and communications specialist – both as a self-employed contractor and a full-time employee — with numerous major local organizations that include the Winnipeg Airports Authority, the Chartered Professional Accountants and Deer Lodge Centre Foundation. 

Michael graduated with a joint degree/diploma from The University of Winnipeg and Red River College in his undergrad (which also included a short stint at the University of Manitoba). In his spare time, you can find Michael discovering new music, working on his fitness in the gym/yoga studio (AKA his living room now), or working on his cinephile credibility. Above all, he’s on your team: he’d be happy to talk to you about almost any topic, and is always willing to lend an ear or a hand for any question or concern you might have.

Service and giving back has always been important to Michael, and that is why he is enthusiastic to ask you for your vote – to serve you and your needs as a law student at Robson Hall. Please vote for Michael on March 15 or 16, 2021 to help your future and Robson Hall’s future grow greater!