Read on below for information on the candidates running in the upcoming 1L Class Rep election. Voting is this Friday, Sept. 20, taking place online from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

A01: Congratulations to Celyna Yu, who was the only nominated candidate from her section.

A02: Nikolai Bola, Madona Markaj, Prachi Sanghavi

Nikolai Bola, A02

Hey everyone. I am in the running to be your class rep and keen on being your advocate for the school year. As I’m sure your all aware I’m very outgoing and would like to utilize this opportunity not only to advocate for you, but to continue to connect with you all in various ways.

Alright let’s start with the good stuff and let me tell you a bit about me:

  • Fun fact- I taught myself how to skate and play hockey on figure skates with a hockey stick I made myself (I’m very resourceful)
  • My favorite movie is Aladdin (yes, the original cartoon version only)
  • I listen to classical music far to often, but I am also always down for some Drake, Kendrick and ASAP Rocky….also high key some Ariana Grande bangers
  • I like boxing

Ok and now here a bit about my background and experience. I have been involved in many advocacy efforts and here’s some of the key ones to note:

  • I was an Official Agent for a campaign in the 2019 Provincial Elections
    • Our candidate was successfully elected as MLA and has made history by being the first African Canadian Women in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly
    • I developed close relationships with existing MLA’s
  • I was Primary Delegate for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations representing over 250,000
    • Aided in successful advocacy to:
      • Increase upfront grants for students with disabilities
      • Had the vehicle provision on the Manitoba Student Aid application removed
      • Lifted the 2% cap on Indigenous student funding for access to post secondary
      • Increased the Tri Agency grants for graduate students 
  • Vice President Internal/Finance
    • Worked with administration, faculty and staff to improve student campus experience by:
      • Spearheading mental health initiatives
      • Increasing funding for tutors
      • Updated gym facilities with new equipment
        • Weight racks, treadmills etc.
      • Added 100% coverage for physio therapy for student athletes and increased other student benefits

I look forward to being your advocate for 2019 academic year!

– Nikolai Bola

Madona Markaj, A02

Hey Section 2!

My name is Madona Markaj and let me start out by saying that I am so excited to be running for 1L Rep for our section. The most important responsibility of the 1L Rep is to represent all of you to the MLSA, and I would be honored to be able to do this. I will always have an open-door policy with you, communicating with you in any way and, most importantly, making time to listen to anything you want to share with me. As our section representative, I will do my best to ensure that the MLSA fully supports each one of us.

My aim is to ensure that Section 2 builds a sense of community capable of enriching our experience as law students. I view our section as a team whose collective goal is to excel in law school while having the most enjoyable experience possible. The student culture here is one of collegiality, where we work together as collaborators, rather than compete as opponents. It does not matter if I am at home spending time with my family, at work or at school, I strive to treat others with compassion, kindness and respect. As your classmate, I want you to know that you can count on me—no matter how intense things get this year. If you need a study buddy, someone to talk to or someone to go grab coffees with, I am here to support you as a classmate and as a friend. So far, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some pretty amazing and introspective folks that I hope to have long-lasting friendships with. When I feel overwhelmed with things such as events or homework, I remind myself that we are all on the same boat.

For those who may not know me yet, I believe it’s important to know that I am a person with a diverse set of experiences. I am originally from Eastern Europe, but I spent a large portion of my life living in other places such as Italy and Calgary. In 2018, I graduated from the University of Calgary where I had the pleasure of serving students in different executive roles through student union clubs and fundraisers. I decided to take a year off before coming to law school to work for a non-for-profit agency in Calgary delivering programs and services designated to help folks work through issues like family breakdown, trauma and abuse. I came to law school because I think it will equip me with the necessary legal training to solve challenging problems of the 21st Century.

I look forward to learning about your views, suggestions and concerns. I can’t wait to get to know each of you better!

– Madona Markaj

– Prachi Sanghavi

A03: Mark Packulak, Zoe Stevens

Mark Packulak, A03

My name is Mark Packulak, I am a married to Chantal-Marie.  We are the proud parents of Katherine, Isabelle, Sophie, and Mark(Bobby).  I come to law school following a career in telecommunications.  After fifteen years working for Shaw, I was laid off and needed to change careers.  I did what every tech from Shaw or MTS does when they are laid off, and worked for the other company.  In addition to that I took the LSAT.  I returned to school and completed my undergrad in the Faculty of Arts with a Mathematics focus.  Following graduation I successfully applied to Robson Hall

I would like be considered for the 1L MLSA representative because I believe that the best way to lead is to serve others.  I bring management experience in business, as well as management of family life.  Robson Hall is a wonderful place and I have already met so many wonderful people here.  Whether it will be my honour to serve as the Section 3 MLSA representative or not, I hope that I may be of service to our class.

– Mark Parkulak

Zoe Stevens, A03

Zoe Stevens is very excited to be starting her first year at Robson Hall, and is similarly excited to get to know more of her peers. She has previously studied at the University of Manitoba, graduating in 2017 with a major in Political Studies and a minor in Psychology. She has volunteer experience at N.E.E.D.S. Inc., the University of Manitoba as a peer mentor, the Winnipeg Humane Society, and is just starting at Welcome Place. She has been a server at the Keg Steakhouse and Bar for the past seven years. For fun she likes to play guitar, pet her cat, play extremely novice ultimate frisbee, and go for coffee or wine. The latter two of which she would gladly do with you.

As Class Representative, she will be sure to be available to everyone to hear any requests or concerns, which she can bring to the attention of the MLSA, professor, or whoever else.  

Zoe is friendly, approachable, and always happy to connect with new people, come say hi!

– Zoe Stevens