How do I register for courses?

  1. Course schedules are posted on the Robson Hall website
  2. Make sure and read the first year instructions (click here) and view all the tutorials before your registration date some of the things you will read about are:
  • a. Verifying your registration date of July 30th at 11 am. If the date is incorrect please contact Rosa at
  • b. Make sure you do not have any holds on your Aurora account. If you do have a hold, it will need to be cleared before registering. If so, contact Rosa Muller.
You will note that at the bottom of the first year instruction sheet there are 3 sections – A01, A02 and A03, you MUST register for all your classes in the same section! There is only one exception to this rule; Legal Systems and Legal Methods are offered in a large group and therefore you will all be in A01, Criminal Law and Procedures, which A01 and A02 are merged and will be one section and A03 will be another.