3L representatives act as the representatives of the 3L class. They advocate for the interests, and concerns of their constituency by serving as liaisons between the 3L class and the MLSA Council.

Shea Sanders

3L Representative

Shea is back to Robson in her third year serving as one half of the 3L Representatives. She is one of the Volunteer Coordinators for WISE Manitoba and is on the executive of the Feminist Legal Forum. In addition, she passes her time at Robson by participating in Robson Ball as the self-proclaimed co-captain, monopolizing Lisa Griffin’s time in the Career Development Office, and sending memes to Associate Dean Curran. Shea loves coffee, podcasts, karaoke, and Oprah. Her goals in life are to have a CV as extensive as Professor Schwartz’s and have her own Wikipedia page. Shea is pictured with her beloved dog Gemma, who is sweet yet sassy – just like her owner.



Amanda Hince Siwicki

3L Representative

Amanda is one of two 3L Representatives. Amanda previously served on the Social and Sports Committee in 2L. She was also the Communications Chair for the Robson Hall Mental Health Group, which will be a role she will continue to maintain in her 3L year. Amanda loves to backpack travel and eat poutine. Please feel free to contact Amanda with any questions or concerns.



The 2L representatives act as the representatives of the 2L class. They advocate for the interests, and concerns of their constituency by serving as liaisons between the 2L class and the MLSA Council. They are also responsible for hosting one of the MLSA “exam cram” events throughout the year.

David Barbour

2L Representative

As one of many Davids in Robson, David Barbour goes by “Babs”. Babs served as the 1L representative for his section and the MLSA 1L representative on the faculty council. Babs reprised these roles and is currently acting as a 2L representative for the faculty council and 2L rep for his year. He is also actively involved in many aspects of student life, including serving as a member of the Social Committee. In Robson Hall, Babs plays intramural dodgeball and is co-captain of the intramural soccer team. Prior to law school, Babs went to the University of Manitoba where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and a minor in history.

In his spare time, David enjoys walking his dogs, meeting new people and making people laugh with his (allegedly) funny jokes. He also loves making and eating food, as he has years of work experience as a cook. David would be happy to talk with you over a coffee or beer and can confidently answer almost any questions you may have about Robson Hall, or how to make slightly above average pizza.


Amber Harms

2L Representative

In her first year, Amber was the 1L representative for section A03, and she participated in Robson Hall’s Mini-Moot. She is the chair of the Clinical Experience Committee and the sole captain of the intramural soccer team.

During her undergrad, Amber was a scholar athlete at Providence University College where she played basketball and soccer, and she completed her Bachelor of Commerce (Honours with Distinction) at U of M’s Asper School of Business. She spent her 1L summer as a research assistant for the Asper Review on International Business and Trade Law.

Amber spends most of her time outside of school and work playing sports, being outdoors, and talking about plants. Amber would love to chat with you if you enjoy bad puns or have any questions about the law school experience.



Celyna is a first-year student at Robson Hall and the 1L Representative for A01. She’s also an active member of the Diversity in Law Group and Robson Hall Debate Society, and an avid attendee of Robson Hall social events.

Before attending law school, Celyna completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours with Distinction) at the I.H Asper School of Business. While in Asper, Celyna was the Vice-President of Operations for the Commerce Students’ Association, on the Debate Team for JDC West, and volunteered for charity initiatives such as Shinerama and 5 Days for the Homeless.
Outside of school, Celyna can be found watching ‘The Office’, hitting a morning workout, or searching for the best restaurants in Winnipeg. Celyna always loves meeting new people; if you’re interested in chatting over a cup of coffee or debating if pineapple goes on pizza, please feel free to reach out!

Zoe is very excited to be starting her first year at Robson Hall, and is similarly excited to be representing A03 as their 1L Class Representative.

Zoe previously studied at the University of Manitoba, graduating in 2017 with a major in Political Studies and a minor in Psychology. She has volunteer experience at N.E.E.D.S. Inc., the University of Manitoba as a peer mentor, the Winnipeg Humane Society, and is just starting at Welcome Place. For fun she likes to play guitar, pet her cat, play extremely novice ultimate frisbee, and go for coffee or wine. The latter two of which she would gladly do with you.

Zoe is friendly, approachable, and always happy to connect with new people, come say hi!




Braeden Cornick 

Braeden is a second-year law student at Robson Hall, where he plays on multiple intramural teams and is on the Clinical Experience Committee. He is an active St Paul’s High School alum and enjoys coaching the high school football team. Braeden graduated with an Honours in History from the U of M and was Editor of the St Paul’s College Newspaper during his undergrad. Braeden plays a variety of sports including soccer, dodgeball, softball, football, and hockey. In his spare time, you can find Braeden listening to and playing music, hiking in the Whiteshell, and spending time with friends and family.



The University of Manitoba Senate is the academic decision-making body at the university, responsible for overseeing awards, research, admissions, appeals, etc. The Robson Hall Senator serves to represent the MLSA’s interests in the Senate and acts as a liaison for matters that pertain to law students.


Evan Podaima

MLSA University Senator

Evan is a 2L student best known for his wardrobe but is also outgoing and always happy to chat. He is an alumnus of the University of Winnipeg’s Business program and was involved in a number of extra-curricular programs on campus. He loves to help others learn and previously acted as the coordinator for the UW Faculty of Business Tutoring Program before coming to Robson. In his spare time, he is a hobby chef.







Silas Koulak

MLSA’s UMSU Representative

The Faculty of Law UMSU Representative acts as the liaison between the students of the Faculty of Law and the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU). They advocate for the interests, and concerns of law students to UMSU and hold a voting seat at UMSU Council. They are responsible for attending and participating in meetings of the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) as well as any UMSU committees to which they are designated.







Eli Milner

Gender and Sexual Minorities Student Representative

Prior to attending Robson Hall, Eli received their Bachelor of Environmental Science with a major in sustainable development. During their undergrad, Eli worked as a coach for a competitive swim team, planted over 50,000 trees in the reforestation industry and conducted marine research in Indonesia. Throughout their time at Robson Hall, Eli has remained actively involved with Outlaws as Treasurer and President, the Canadian Journal of Human Rights and works with legal counsel at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. Eli enjoys spending their time spamming people with Snapchats of their cats, building things and riding their bike in proximity to bad drivers.




Anisha Sahota

Visible Minority Students’ Representative

Anisha is a 2L student at Robson Hall and is the 2019-2020 Visible Minority Students’ Representative. She is also the Out-of-Province Director for the MLSA Professional Development Committee. In 1L, Anisha volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada and served as a Co-Editor for the Robson Hall Human Rights Collective. Prior to attending Robson Hall, she worked as an Intake Counsellor, where she assisted newcomers with their employment and settlement integration. Anisha believes in empowerment and creating space for dialogue, as well as recognizing the importance of an intersectional approach to understand the varying needs of newcomers and minority groups. Anisha received her Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University with a major in English and two minors in Criminology and Sociology. During this time, she danced competitively with the SFU Elite Bhangra Team, worked full-time, and volunteered with a non-profit promoting gender equality in the South Asian community. In her spare time, Anisha loves stress cleaning, sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching reruns of ‘The Office,’ and choreographing dance routines that no one will ever witness. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, feel free to contact Anisha.



Laura Antymniuk

Women’s Representative



Adam Lakusta