Hello Robson! This is an important announcement regarding your learning experience during COVID pandemic conditions. Our team at Robson Crim is honoured to be working to conduct this national survey about YOUR experience as a JD student with online service delivery. We know the Canadian Federation of Law Societies is thinking about the role of online delivery going forward, and here is a chance to weigh in. The results will be shared with the Federation, with our Administration, with you, and an official future report will be posted on Robson Crim. If you answered a similar survey before, please complete the new survey, as it is calibrated to examine where you are now, after more than a semester of official COVID education.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LM9TC2D

As Canada’s first fully-online cohort of Juris Doctorate candidates, leaders in the field of law are interested in amending policies and implementing new programs to improve conditions for us and for those who follow. The questions relate to your experiences and feeling about COVID learning law in law school and the means by which you learn. The questions pertain to your law school experiences generally – what needs to change and what you would like to keep.

This survey is being issued by Professors Richard Jochelson and David Ireland from the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba – it is optional to complete, but IT IS IN OUR BEST INTEREST TO MAKE SUBMISSIONS. Your answers will help us communicate your needs with law faculty colleagues and teaching and professionals about law student expectations. The purpose of the survey is to learn about our preferences of knowledge transmission in law school. All identities will be concealed and protected.PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE – the survey only takes ~20 minutes to complete. In addition, please share this survey with anyone who is enrolled in law school in Canada – we are targeting all law students going through this experience in Canada and WE WANT THEIR DATA to see how they compare to us!https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LM9TC2D