The Clinical Experience Committee (CEC) is responsible for facilitating experiential learning and providing students with opportunities to develop their legal research skills. The CEC also hosts an annual Mini Moot during the Winter semester, where students can prepare arguments and practice their mooting abilities in front of a panel of judges.


Amber Harms – Chair

Amber is a third year student at Robson Hall. She was elected as class representative for her first two years at Robson, and this is her second year serving as Chair of the Clinical Experience Committee. Amber completed her Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree at the Asper School of Business. She is excited to continue her legal career at MLT Aikins LLP, where she worked as a summer student-at-law. Outside of school and work, she enjoys playing sports, being outdoors, and eating cinnamon buns. Amber would be happy to chat with you about plants, hiking, or making the best of the law school experience. You can email her at 

More information on the clinical experiences currently available for Robson Hall students can be found here:

CEC Information Package Clinical Experience Information Package 2020-21