The Robson Hall Mediators Group is a student group with a focus on mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) generally. ADR is a growing area in Manitoba and includes everything from negotiation to mediation and arbitration. ADR offers many advantages to traditional litigation – cases tend to be resolved much more quickly and less expensively. ADR also spans many different practice areas, such as family law, criminal law (via restorative justice), employment and labour law, and corporate law. Despite being an important tool for lawyers, there are not many opportunities in law school for learning about ADR. Like most student groups, we host lunches and bring in guest speakers who practice ADR. Notable past speakers include mediators Lawrie Cherniak, Dr. Jennifer Schulz and Eric Stutzman, and lawyers Greg Evans, Steven Raber and Jason Gisser. Additionally, each spring we host a mediation workshop on facilitating difficult conversations. There are also a number of events (conferences, networking events) held by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba that we have passed (and will continue to pass) on to our members.


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