Hello! I am Madison Parker, a queer 3L student at Robson Hall. I have been involved in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community here since I started 1L in 2018. I participated in Outlaws as a 1L and then joined the executive last fall. In 2L I acted as the events chair, organizing a roundtable between Outlaws and SOGIC (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section of the Canadian Bar Association). This year I am sitting as the President of Outlaws. 

When I’m not in class, reading, or co-coordinating the No Means No Program (Feminist Legal Forum), you can find me shaking cocktails on the weekends at the Roost, or snuggling my sweet cats, Bruce & Pumpkin. 

I am very passionate about visibility, inclusion, and advocacy within the law school environment for our queer students. My main goal with running for MLSA Gender and Sexual Minorities Rep is to make sure the folks who identify as queer feel that there is an approachable person to give them a loud, articulate, and passionate voice during the Manitoba Law Students Society meetings regarding issues that effect their law school experience. 

Please attend the candidates forum to hear more about me and how I plan to be an effective rep for our community!

Madison Parker’s Candidacy Statement