My name is Lou Lamari and I am running for the position of Gender and Sexual Minorities Representative. For some background on me, I am transgender and identify as non-binary. I am running in this election because I am passionate about advocating for and creating space for the queer and trans communities that I belong to, and have gotten me to where I am today.

On a personal level, people often read me as being quiet, but it’s mostly because I am probably rehearsing the Mamma Mia soundtrack in my head. When not in class, I work as a research assistant studying gender fluidity in children’s literature. I also started an art business where I create custom portraiture, which can be found on instagram @LINESxLOU. 

As for my experience, I served as the second-year class representative while in the faculty of Architecture. Similar to the MLSA, this involved attending all student association meetings and advocating for the needs of my class of 100. 

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg prior to coming to Robson Hall. While I am a believer that lived experience holds more value than academic literacy, I am coming to the table with both a knowledge of navigating institutions while (gender)queer, along with a deep understanding of the history of the intersectional oppressions we have faced and still do.

I would be honoured to be a voice on the MLSA council this year, and hope to be an accessible, friendly, and knowledgeable resource for other queer, trans, and questioning students at Robson Hall.

-Lou Lamari (they/them), 1L