Candidates for President – Amber Harms, Nick Noonan
Amber Harms has been very involved with the MLSA in her roles as First-Year representative, Second-Year Representative, Chair of the Clinical Experience Committee, and also as Captain of the intramural soccer and basketball teams. She is approachable, organized, and dedicated to the Robson Hall community.If you vote for Amber for MLSA President, her priority is to improve the methods of communication to and from students in the faculty. This initiative includes implementing a way for students to submit questions or comments directly to their MLSA executive, and consulting all elected representatives and committee chairs regularly.
Nick Noonan is a 2L at Robson Hall who is passionate about law school, and is excited to be running to be your President! Though he is probably best known for his hair or his outlines, Nick is deeply involved in Robson life, serving as President of the Debate Society, Vice-President of the Business Law Group, Vice-President of the Law Symposium, and as a member of the Academic Committee. In addition, Nick sits as the sole student representative on the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee, where he advocates to the administration and faculty for the approval of curriculum changes and course offerings – such as the Oxford Program (twice).Nick plans to leverage his strong relationship and experience with the Dean and administration to facilitate a greater offering of international courses, like Oxford and Israel. He promises to be your advocate to the administration regarding the ongoing curriculum changes in the JD program, such as advocating for an increased number of clinical and experiential courses, as well as making the mandatory courses (e.g. Legal Methods, LPPR) more useful.  He wants to work with Student Accessibility Services to inform and educate students about the need and reasons for accommodations being given, and to destigmatize mental illness and the need for accommodations – beginning with a presentation during Orientation Week by SAS. He intends to collaborate with the Professional Development Committee and Community Outreach Committee to create a used dress clothing bank – so access to dress clothes is not a barrier for anyone – and to cooperate with the Manitoba Bar Association Representative to ensure law students better understand the resources made available to them (including any salient pieces of the flood of emails we receive, e.g. the international internship program). He will also collaborate with administration to ensure that law students gain practical legal experience at the new Law Library Hub drop-in legal advice service set up in Manitoba.Prior to his time at Robson Hall, Nick completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree at the Asper School of Business, where he was a 4-time Academic All-Canadian with the Varsity Swim Team (seriously, he has the speedos to prove it).In his free time, Nick enjoys playing with his girlfriend’s dog and cat, is a bona fide Jeopardy fanatic (James Holzhauer was robbed in Jeopardy GOAT), loves the Minnesota Vikings, and enjoys playing just about every sport, with his ability levels ranging from competitive (swimming, football) to borderline incompetent (golf).In sum, vote Nick Noonan for MLSA President on March 5 – 6 for a President who will make your time at Robson Hall better, and will work to ensure that you can avoid the articling crisis and find meaningful legal employment!
Candidates for UM Senate RepresentativeEvan Podaima, Lewis Waring
Evan Podaima – During my past year as Senate Representative, I have been an involved and vocal member of the Student Senate Caucus. This advocacy has supported changes that either preserve or expand student involvement and equity in academic proceedings. I never have all the answers, and often ask questions for clarification. I do this to ensure a thorough understanding and assessment before I act. As a result, I am happy to seek and incorporate feedback from the diverse student population at Robson Hall and present those concerns to the Student Senate Caucus to mobilize in Senate.Part of being a student senate representative helps represent all students, part of being a good senator is understanding concerns from other parts of the university. To achieve this end, I have developed excellent working relationships with other senators from professional programs. An example of this school-centric focus was advocating for academic freedom and the value that Manitoban society derives from research conducted at the University of Manitoba. This advocacy was during the discussions regarding the letter from the University of Manitoba Senate in response to the provincial post-secondary education’s change of mandate. This practical experience combines with my experience working in university administration, as well as extra-curricular groups during my time spent at the University of Winnipeg. In sum, re-elect Evan Podaima for involved, vocal advocacy on behalf of all students.
Lewis Waring’s platform for University Senate Representative includes representing students’ rights in the upcoming Senate battles in the drafting of equity policy, diversity policy, and sexual violence policy.The University Senate as a body is largely dominated by University faculty and administrators. It is the highest decision-making body with student representation in the University of Manitoba. The Student Caucus within the Senate is crucial for inserting a student’s perspective into important decisions which primarily affect students. Senate proceedings are very procedural, requiring that student representatives methodically comb through lengthy materials, looking out for key passages and provisions which seem harmless but often have huge effects on the life of students at the University of Manitoba.Lewis Waring was founder and president of Building Engagement, Acting Together, a student rights organization in Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. He has also been a full-time worker in federal, provincial, and municipal campaigns. This experience has given him training in understanding both the procedural and substantive dimensions of political and administrative bodies necessary for tackling the obligations and duties required from Student Representatives in the University Senate.
Candidates for 2L RepresentativesNikolai Bola, Shawn Singh, Zoe Stevens, Celyna Yu
Why do I want to be your 2L rep?Well to start off I think that it’s important for all students to be given a platform and equal opportunity to share concerns and have questions answered. If I’m elected as your 2L rep I promise to bridge the gap between the student body and executive. I promise to bring any all concerns forward on any platform I’m allotted no matter the potential consequence for doing so. I will ensure that all of your questions get an answer and that communication improves to ensure all students are aware of important dates and events.I have a great deal of experience being involved in student and provincial politics and advocacy. I am currently the President of the Union Station Constituency and will be voting at convention this coming April for various provincial policy resolutions.How am I qualified to be your 2L rep?I was an Official Agent for a campaign in the 2019 Provincial Elections. Our candidate was successfully elected as MLA and has made history by being the first Queer African Canadian in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. I was responsible for all financial aspects of the campaign as well as ensuring the Election Financing Act was abided by.I was Primary Delegate for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations representing over 250,000 student’s nation wide. I advocated for student benefits on Parliament Hill to Senators and MP’s on various important topics including: the Increase of upfront grants for students with disabilities; the removal of the vehicle provision on the Manitoba Student Aid application form; lifted the 2% cap on Indigenous student funding for access to post-secondary; increased the Tri Agency grants for graduate students; and much more.I was elected the Vice President Internal/Finance for Red River College Students’ Association for 2 consecutive terms. I worked closely with administration, faculty and staff to improve the student experience on campus by spearheading mental health initiatives, increasing funding for tutors, updated gym facilities with new equipment (weight racks, treadmills, etc.), added 100% coverage for physiotherapy for student athletes and increased other student benefits, collaborated to open the first safe space on campus, creating the first Compassionate Bursary Award for students in need. I’m always open to questions, feedback and constructive criticism. Let’s work together to making this upcoming student year a positive experience and work together to reach our common goals. I hope to get your vote for 2L rep. Thank you. – Nikolai Bola
My name is Shawn Singh. I am an incoming 2L student for 2020 and am interested in representing you as 2L Representative. The MLSA has done great work to improve my experience as a new law student. My objective as your 2L Representative is to improve how students interact with the programs and activities organized by the MLSA and its partner organizations. Specifically, my objective is to improve MLSA communications structures and introduce a stronger system to incorporate student group activities into MLSA communications materials. I am certain these objectives are achievable and I have considerable experience to support putting these systems into place.
I have always been a proud Manitoban and active community member. I completed my post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba. As a perennial UM student, I have been extensively involved in student leadership. I was previously Chair of the University 1 Student Council (U1SC), Co-President of the University of Manitoba Criminology Association of Students (UMCAS), and was a member of the UMSU Finance committee. I also represented my fellow students on University governance boards like the UM Senate committee on Instruction and Evaluation, the Faculty of Arts Disciplinary Committee and the University of Manitoba Disciplinary committee. Issues that I took a lead role on include: restructuring student health benefits, refocusing union finances and taking part in hiring a general manager for union enterprises.
My representative role was expanded from the University of Manitoba to provincial and national organizations in Criminology. I am currently an Executive Board member of the Manitoba Criminal Justice Association (MCJA) and member of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association (CCJA) Policy Review Committee. The MCJA regularly organizes workshops, educational days and panel discussions with partner organizations in the justice and social services sectors to increase awareness about social issues. Recent workshops have focused on: community involvement in public safety, addictions, homelessness and the challenges of being a refugee in Manitoba. The CCJA Policy Review Committee provides academic commentary on policy change within the criminal justice system at the national level. Recent policy review has focused on Bill C-83 (introducing Structured Intervention Units or ‘safer’ Administrative Segregation) and Bill C-93 (no cost, expedited record suspensions for simple cannabis possession).
My objective as your 2L Representative is to optimize MLSA communications systems to ensure that every 2L is informed of the many learning opportunities offered to law students at UM. Specifically, I intend to expand our ‘Week at a Glance’ email from one week to two weeks. I also intend to coordinate with student group leaders to provide monthly and quarterly schedules to help students better plan their engagements over the term. Over the course of my experience, I have learned that strong communications define the strength of an organization. I am confident that I have the necessary skills to improve communication structures at Robson Hall. I have taken leadership roles focused on communications, including Constituency Assistant for the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South Centre, as well as lead organizer for two federal election campaigns. I have managed communication systems in local groups up to 400 people and national groups up to 1500 participants.
In addition to my communications experience, I am also extensively practiced in systems management optimization and operation. I am comprehensively trained in business management and operational excellence from both McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada and Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada. A notable highlight of my business training is competing as part of Team Canada at the McDonald’s Worldwide Owner-Operator Convention in Orlando, Florida. Our team presented a business optimization plan to the McDonald’s Worldwide Executive Board: Team Canada was awarded the Gold Medal for business optimization, systems management and overall performance against competitors that represented the different regions of the international McDonald’s corporation. Here in Manitoba, I was systems manager of a multi-million-dollar enterprise for two years.
The MLSA provides an essential service to new and returning students. While that is the case, all Robson Hall students can benefit from stronger communication about school activities. I am confident that I have the potential to keep you informed as an incoming 2L student. I have always been committed to performance and operational excellence and I have the track record to prove it. My name is Shawn Singh and I hope that I can count on your digital vote from March 5 at 8:30AM to March 6 at 4:00PM. If you would like to learn more about me, you are welcome to send me an email at
Hey 1L’s! My name is Zoe, and I’m very excited to be running for 2L rep next year! This year I had the pleasure of representing A03, and it was a blast.As class rep, my goal was to be as helpful and friendly as possible. Posting our own unique weekly schedule, organizing study groups, and communicating with professors are examples of this. I was also welcome to discussions on voting matters, remaining open with my classmates on my stance on particular issues. I would love to carry on these initiatives as 2L rep.I aim to be particularly approachable, as getting to know more of our colleagues and being a friendly face to everyone is a goal of mine. Organizing social gatherings such as the Halloween party and costume contest, the 1L end of term event, and the upcoming Hawaiian party, I believe are good demonstrations of that. As 2L rep, I would continue to organize social gatherings could help Class 2022 become the most tight-knit group yet!When I’m not elbow deep in readings, you can find me at local shows, biking through Fort Whyte, or hanging out with friends. I’m also very much looking forward to being able to read for fun over summer, let me know if you have any book recommendations!I want everyone to have the best 2L year they can, so please come chat with me about any ideas or questions you have. Track me down in the hallways or hit me up on social media, I’m happy to connect!
Hey 1Ls!I’m Celyna, your current 1L Rep for A01, and I am so excited to be running to be your 2L Rep for next year. I have absolutely loved advocating for what you want, such as the Oxford program, and planning fun get-togethers to destress, such as our end of exam hangout. I would love the opportunity to make our 2L year the best it can be!Outside of class, I am a huge fan of escape rooms, baked brie, and watching the Bachelor. (If you’re a fellow Bach fan, watch out for an invite to our upcoming Bachelorette Rose-son Hall league). I also love finding the best restaurants in Winnipeg, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!I would love to listen to what you want out of your 2L year. Over the campaigning period, come chat with me in the hallways or connect with me over social media!Talk soon, Celyna
  Candidates for Visible Minority Students’ Representative – Taylor Antonchuk, Anisha Sahota
Hello Robson Hall! My name is Taylor, and I am very excited to be running for the Visible Minority Representative for this upcoming year. From a young age I really struggled with my ethnicity and being a visible minority. My father was a first generation immigrant, along with my grandparents, from the Philippines in the late 1980s. My mother is of Ukrainian descent and therefore I have always had a bit of uncertainty of where I stood in life. However, due to my unique ethnic background I have been subjected to prejudice due to my skin colour. While I was discovering who I wanted to be as a person in high school, I realized that my skin colour shouldn’t be a negative factor in what I had to say. I want to be able to manifest this physically here at Robson and provide the visible minorities an equal standing ground as the visible majorities.
As the Visible Minority Representative, my goals are to foster and encourage a safe space for people of all colours to be able to come together and be heard without any bias or judgement. I believe that our differences are an asset, not a hindrance.
When I’m not strolling the halls at Robson, I can be found listening to all of the true crime podcasts and cuddling up with my cats Mila and Simon. I am more than happy to chat about my campaign, or show you cute pictures of my cats, so please feel free to connect with me either in person or over social media!
  Anisha Sahota – Photo/bio not yet provided.   Candidates for ValedictorianMichael Akins, Dale Beynon, Anjali Sandhu
Michael’s Valedictorian Platform: My goal is to provide a speech that demonstrates the most representation for all groups of people in our class of 2020. There are many meaningful experiences I want to convey to everyone, given the number of shared experiences I have had with people in our entire cohort.My aim is to give a speech that feels inclusive, dynamic and funny, for everyone. To do this, I will draw upon my insights and perspective of three years at Robson Hall, that relate to my involvement, internally and externally, with our Faculty.In an authentic manner, I want to give a speech that everyone feels they can personally relate to, in at least one way, shape or form. It will be a speech that goes beyond just one or two shared experiences, but many different ones that have impacted our journey from start to finish.My goal extends toward also sharing words of encouragement for us all, as we move into our future endeavours and legal careers. There are many life experiences that coincide with our law school journey, which should not be forgotten. I want to draw on those experiences that have helped to shape and impact us throughout this process, while adding context to the many opportunities we have to look forward to, as we leave Robson Hall.Overall, from first year to third year, I am confident that there are many shared experiences I can speak on holistically, for our entire graduating class. Three years of involvement with the Faculty has given me a lot of memories to build and reminisce upon, in preparation for a speech that should represent all of us. It is my goal to do my best to leave everyone with an impression that resonates with their own unique Robson Hall experience.Law School Engagement:   As mentioned, I have enjoyed investing into the RH experience with a number of engagements that I have shared with many of you. To connect some of those experiences to our graduating class, some of the RH involvement that has helped to shape my perspective, includes but is not limited to: being first-year section representative, PBSC involvement, being MBA representative, being Thomson Reuters representative, Welcome Place volunteering, engagement with various RH committees and groups, Robson Hall basketball & Summer baseball, the Oxford program & Law games, drinking copious amounts of lemon water. 
*Dale Beynon – photo/bio not yet provided. *  
Anjali Sandhu is flawless.She has 6 Robson Hall hoodies and a pink backpack.I heard she appealed a grade, and WON.One time, she met Beverley McLachlin on a plane*, and she told her she was pretty**.Vote for Anjali for valedictorian.*Human Rights museum **This literally never happened