Hello Robson

My name is Mark Packulak and I believe!

I believe that right now we are in the toughest time of the year.  We are isolated, we are tired, and we are fearful of whether we will be able to handle what comes next.

I believe that the weight of being in law school is a heavy burden to bear, and that for many of us, the fear of another online semester looms large in the back of our minds.

I also believe that we will all come through this and that this group of students will sit on benches, write extraordinary civil rights advocacy, and make a real impact on our world.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead was right “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

I believe that we are a collection of people who think like that.  You evidence this every time you listen to speakers who challenge our understanding, or collectively volunteer thousands of hours of time to sit and listen to a refugee’s story or provide free legal advice to people too poor to qualify for legal aid.  You do research, you apply to intern and clerk, and tutor others because you believe it will make a difference.

You are absolutely correct.

believe that leaders are servants to those who choose them and my whole focus in leadership is to empower others to achieve great things.

I am married to a beautiful, intelligent and compassionate woman, and together we are raising four children who teach me new things all the time.  I have over a decade of experience managing a large team of cable techs.  My wife and I also taught jr. high students voluntarily for over a decade

We cannot know all of the challenges that we will face next year, and so I offer no 16 point plan or grand sweeping promises.  

Instead I want to inspire you to make Robson better.  Our student groups need to survive and grow, we need to preserve institutional memory of Robson culture, and we need to create new Robson culture for future classes. 

We can have a tremendous year next year and set Robson up for success after we leave.  You will do this and if elected, then I will serve your vision.

I love you all, never doubt that you can make a difference.

Mark Packulak