Hello Robson Hall,

Imagine: You just woke up, it’s -30 and cloudy outside, you were rejected by every firm you applied to, you’re one brain cell away from failing your easiest class, but, you can’t help but feel this unimpeachable sense of pure joy. Why? Because Mikal Sokolowski is your MBA Rep. 

Mikal Sokolowski here, I am currently a 1L student and I enjoy listening to Lord Irvine’s lectures late at night. I am a humble man of the people; I was among the many of you who were rejected by TDS for a summer position. I also have 10 years of event planning and organizing under my belt and I plan to utilize this experience to organize thoughtful, engaging mentorship events.

There are two overarching duties associated with the MBA Rep position:

  1. Administering the MBA Mentorship Program. Including, but not limited to organizing the mixer events. 
  2. Attending MBA meetings and events as a representative of Robson Hall

I will outline my stances on each of these positions below.

Mentorship Program

  • I plan to offer an increase in networking opportunities for students that are in the mentorship program
  • I plan to create a rotating mentorship system where students have the opportunity to connect with a new mentor halfway through the year, allowing for exposure to multiple practice areas and perspectives
  • I will advocate for in-person events as much as possible, while respecting public health regulations

Representative of Robson Hall to the MBA

  • I will emphasize the capabilities of Robson Hall students to the MBA and to other Canadian job markets
  • I will represent Robson Hall’s interests to the MBA and raise any concerns that students may have

A Vote for me is a Vote for Future 1L Students!

If you have any suggestions or would like to discuss potential improvements to the mentorship program or MBA events please reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram (MikalSok), or by email (sokolowm@myumanitoba.ca).