Being a visible minority in Canada and in the legal field is harder than it should be.

I am running for Visible Minorities Rep because I want to help change that. 

Everyone deserves to feel at home at Robson Hall and the legal field. Our unique characteristics and lived experiences are what make us thrive in the legal community and beyond. We equip one another with confidence to embrace ourselves, our culture, and our experiences no matter where we are. 

Key ideas:

Family – We are members of the Robson Hall family. I will make sure your voices are heard at the “family meetings” (a.k.a. MLSA meetings), but I also want to be here for you individually to share stories, to brainstorm ideas for the future, and to simply chat!

Events – I would love to facilitate events that celebrate our various cultures and expose Robson Hall to new things. My experience organizing a wide variety of events, from logistics to food to decor, will come in handy for this. We can also learn lots from the experiences of current lawyers who are visible minorities, ideally through conversations and/or individual mentorship. 

Giving back – We as law students have so much potential to help others who identify as visible minorities, both future law students and members of the larger community. Whether it’s raising awareness or partnering with a grassroots foundation, we can help!

I come to you with lots of experience in event planning, building a team mentality in diverse groups, and educating others. Most importantly, I pour my heart into everything that I do.  And I would love the opportunity to serve you next year as your Visible Minorities Rep!