A message from your Robson Hall Law Banquet Co-Directors:

On Thursday October 10th, we will be holding the annual Law Banquet at the Millennium Centre. Tickets for the event will be $50 per person, and sales will be taking place next week on Tuesday September 17th, and Thursday September 19th. This price includes dinner.

The Law Banquet is one of the best networking opportunities of the year, and one of the first for 1Ls to meet a variety of lawyers from the big firms in Winnipeg. Both of your Law Banquet Co-Directors attended the event last year as 1Ls and found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. It is also an excellent opportunity for 2L students to make themselves known for articling positions. Students will be dining with practicing Partners, Associates, and possibly Managing Partners. The likelihood for students to make a lasting impression is very high given the amount of time they will spend with the lawyers at their table.

The firms attending the Law Banquet will be: Pitblado, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman (TDS), MLT Aikins, Fillmore Riley, Taylor McCaffrey, Myers LLP, and Scotia Bank.

We encourage everyone to attend!

When: Thursday October 10th

Where: Millenium Centre

Cost: $50

How do I get tickets?: Tickets will be sold on Tuesday September 17th, and Thursday September 19th at noon in the main hallway outside the Moot Court. Please be sure to bring your ticket order form to fill your order.