Victoria Truong, President

Victoria is a 3L student at Robson Hall and is the 2019-2020 President of the Manitoba Law Students’ Association. Victoria got involved quickly at Robson Hall as the 1L Rep of Section A03 and volunteered with the Feminist Legal Forum teaching No Means No workshops in her first year. In her second year, Victoria was the Faculty of Law Student Senate Representative, and a Co-Founder of the Diversity in Law Student Group. Victoria also currently sits on the Board of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) – Western as a Student Director for the University of Manitoba.

Prior to law school, Victoria obtained a Commerce (Hons.) degree with a double major in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, and Leadership & Organizations from the Asper School of Business. Victoria graduated from the Co-op program which gave her the opportunities to work for a variety of different workplaces, including Boeing Canada, the federal government, and Bison Transport. Following graduation from her undergraduate degree, Victoria worked full-time at Boeing Canada as a Procurement Agent.

Victoria spends her time at Robson Hall chatting in the Common Room, and bringing her 2 dogs, Teddy & Lexi, to school for Robson Hall Dog Days. Outside of Robson Hall, Victoria enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, baking, and reading books. She is a very friendly individual and is always happy to strike up a conversation with anyone new. Please don’t hesitate to contact Victoria directly if you ever have any questions, comments and/or concerns. She would love to hear from you!


Kaylen Noga, Vice-President External

Kaylen is a 3rd year student and Vice-President External for the 2019-20 school year. Kaylen has served as President and co-founder of Robson Hall’s Sports and Entertainment Law group, as well as chair of the Sports Committee for the 2018-19 school year.

Kaylen took an unconventional path to law school obtaining a Bachelor of Kinesiology and working with Sport Manitoba and the Reh-Fit centre prior to obtaining acceptance into Robson Hall. Given his love for sport and healthy living, Kaylen is highly motivated to tailor his ideal practice around the world of sport.

Outside of school, Kaylen enjoys hockey, ultimate, and anything that keeps him active. His loves sharing pictures of two cats, Finn and Henry, who are unquestionably the two most adorable cats in existence. Kaylen is a very friendly and approachable person and is happy to converse with anyone who is interested (and even some who are not), and to answer any and all questions directed to him. Don’t be afraid to reach out!


Meghan Payment, Vice-President Internal

The VP Internal of the MLSA is responsible for advocacy within Robson Hall and the activities of the MLSA within Robson Hall, including overseeing student groups. Meg enjoys being an active member in her community and has previously served as the Co-Vice Chair of the Feminist Legal Forum, member of the Community Outreach Committee, researcher for Pro Bono Students Canada, and a volunteer at Welcome Place. Currently she is an editor for the Manitoba Law Journal and Asper Review on International Business and Trade Law, volunteers in the University Legal Clinic, and works for Student Accessibility Services as an Invigilator.

Outside of school Meg enjoys hiking, lounging by the lake, reading, red wine, and travelling. You can most often find Meg napping in the publications office or hanging out with her chonky cat Bob. Due to his large size Bob can pass for a small dog and will be attending Dog Days. Meg loves to meet new people and is excited to get to know the incoming class.



Parker Neil, Vice-President Finance

The VP Finance is responsible for managing the MLSA’s finances and budget. Parker is a 2L student at Robson Hall. After finishing 1L Parker spent the summer working in Calgary as a Summer Law Student at Miller Thomson LLP. Prior to attending law school, Parker obtained his BBA with a major in general management and minor in accounting from Mount Royal University, Bissett School of Business.  He then gained professional experience working as an auditor at an international accounting firm. Outside of school, Parker enjoys biking, golfing, playing hockey, and listening to podcasts. He also has a passion for learning new skills and has taught himself how to play guitar and cut hair. Contact Parker for all your financial and hair needs.