All MLSA events must be held at accessible locations. The following form must be filled out, either by the manager or owner of a location being considered or by an MLSA committee member, prior to the confirmation of an event.

MLSA Accessibility Checklist for Venues

The following locations have been determined by the MLSA to be accessible as of their date of inspection:

Location/VenueAddressInspection DateAudit Report
Bar Italia737 Corydon Ave.January 20, 2019Bar Italia
Brazen Hall155 Smith St.January 9, 2019Brazen Hall
Café 22823 Corydon Ave.January 20, 2019Cafe 22
Confusion Corner500 Corydon Ave.January 20, 2019Confusion Corner
Kings Head Pub120 King St.January 26, 2019Kings Head Pub
La Carnita456 Main St.January 9, 2019La Carnita
La Rocca155 Smith St.January 9, 2019La Rocca
Shark Club233 Hargrave St.January 26, 2019Shark Club
Tavern Unlimited260 Hargrave St.January 9, 2019Tavern Unlimited
The Metropolitan281 Donald St.January 26, 2019The MET
The Toad112 Osborne St.January 20, 2019The Toad