MLSA President

  • Victoria Truong (Acclaimed)

VP Finance

  • Parker Neil (Acclaimed)

VP Internal

  • Meghan Payment
Meghan Payment is a second-year law student with a Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies and Psychology. Meghan has been an active member within the faculty and throughout her community and wishes to continue this momentum through the position of Vice President Internal. Meghan currently sits as Co-Vice Chair on the Feminist Legal Forum, volunteers with Welcome Place assisting in refugee claims intake, member of the MLSA Community Outreach Committee, editor for the Manitoba Law Journal and works for Student Accessibility Services. This diverse working and volunteering history makes Meghan an ideal candidate to help lead the charge for positive change at Robson Hall. If elected Meghan has three main concerns to tackle in her platform: advocacy, awareness, and consultation. In addition, she has plans to work towards getting free printing credits for students, develop a composting system, and decrease the amount of emails and notifications sent to students.
  • Sara Reznik
Sara works part-time at a Winnipeg law firm, and a fitness facility. Her main focus is maintaining an organized, healthy, active, and stress-free lifestyle.
Prior to law school, Sara attended the University of Winnipeg where she studied Criminal Justice and Conflict Resolution. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 2016.
Sara volunteers frequently with Pro Bono Students Canada as well as with various other organizations. Sara started an initiative for high school graduates in 2013 to help those that could not attend their grad dinner & dance. This began by collecting names of students with the help of guidance departments and providing grad dresses, shoes, as well as hair and makeup services for free. Sara is a member of various student groups and committees including the Level Canada (Manitoba Chapter) executive.
Sara was born and raised in Winnipeg. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Zoey and cat, Mr. Boots.

VP External

  • Kaylen Noga
Kaylen is a second-year student at Robson Hall and is running for the position of Vice President External. Kaylen acted as the chair of the sports committee for the 2018-19 school year, and is the president and co-founder of the Robson Hall Sport and Entertainment Law group seeking ratification for the 2019-20 school year. Kaylen’s obsession with sport is the catalyst of his involvement with the Robson Hall curling league on Fridays and with the Robson Hall intramural hockey team on Mondays. Outside of school, Kaylen plays Law League hockey with the Tapper Cuddy Longhorns, winning the league championship with the team in his rookie season. Kaylen is incredibly friendly and approachable, and firmly believes a stranger is just a friend he hasn’t met yet.
  • Alyssa Cloutier
Alyssa is currently a 2L at Robson Hall Faculty of Law. Alyssa is currently on both the Professional Development Committee and the Sports Committee. She is committed to and passionate about professional development opportunities at Robson Hall. She was one of the organizers of the Second Annual Small Firm Wine & Cheese and is committed to promoting small, medium and large firms, both urban and rural, equally at Robson Hall. Alyssa is an active member of some of Robson Hall’s student groups, including the Feminist Legal Forum (FLF), as the liaison between the FLF and the Manitoba Bar Association’s Women Lawyers’ Forum, and the Robson Hall Human Rights Collective, as the Communications Director. Alyssa understands the importance of advocating for an increase in professional development opportunities for students at Robson Hall and plans to have this as her primary focus if elected Vice President External for the 2019-20 school year.


  • Alexa Smith
Hi all! My name is Alexa Smith and I want to be your next senator! While I wish I could say that I sat beside Bernie Sanders in the US senate, I can say that I have two years’ experience sitting beside President Barnard at the University Senate. Serving as the senator for the Arts Student Body Council, I not only know what it means to be an approachable and vocal representative, but also have insight on how the senate runs. I also have experience serving on various senate committees such as the University of Manitoba Disciplinary Committee and the Senate Committee on Admissions. If elected this year, I will ensure that all relevant information in regard to law is conveyed back to the MLSA and the student body as well as guarantee that students have access to information as to when meetings occur and where the minutes are located. A vote for me is a vote for left over guest speaker pizza in the common room!
  • Evan Podaima

Evan originally studied at the University of Winnipeg, graduating with a Business degree concentrating in Organizational Behaviour. Actively involved on campus, he was a member of the Golden Key Honour Society, serving as VP-Events for one year, then VP-Finance for three. He was also involved as a pioneering member of the Faculty of Business & Economics tutoring program, eventually becoming Coordinator of the program.

Evan loves to learn and is sometimes all too happy to share that knowledge. He’s not afraid to ask questions to fully understand how something works, and usually won’t stop until he does. He’s hopeful to put that mentality of inquisitiveness and thoughtfulness to the test in the Senate. Coupled with a love for post-secondary education and its value in society, he is excited to help further the U of M as a whole, and advance the interests of Robson Hall students when possible.


  • Silas Koulack (Acclaimed)


  • Dave Syvitski
David Syvitski is a 3rd year student at Robson Hall
  • Christian Pierce
  • Hayley Allardyce
  • Melanie LaBossiere

MBA Representative

  • Braeden Cornick
  • Breanna Sheppard

Breanna is a 1L at Robson Hall and is nominated to run for the Manitoba Bar Association Representative for the 2019-20 school year. Prior to attending Robson Hall, she obtained a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English from University of Winnipeg. During her undergraduate, she spent a year in Thailand, teaching full-time as she completed her Education degree. Upon graduation, Breanna spent two years teaching in England and oversaw the Drama and History department at a private London grammar school.

Since coming to Robson, she has been involved with the Feminist Legal Forum, the Canadian Journal for Human Rights and has become an active member of several student groups including the Criminal Law Group. Breanna is passionate about social causes and enjoys getting involved in many community volunteer opportunities like PBSC. During her free time, she binge-watches Netflix, exercises, and visits her adorable niece.

  • Alexis Bailey
  • David Slonosky

Womens’ Representative

  • Sue Ahn
Hey Robson Hall! My name is Sue and I am a 1L running for MLSA Women’s Representative. Before law school, I graduated with a major in Political Studies and a minor in business administration. During my undergrad I was heavily involved in student leadership, taking up various roles in Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto. I spent about five years working in organizational development, often taking up collaborative positions and driving cultural organizational initiatives in order to improve employee/client well-being. I am passionate about women’s issues and hope to bring aspects of my intersectionality [visible minority, queer person & mental health] and collaborative spirit to the role! I also love to play soccer and dance to get away from law school and if elected there may be a Women and Queers-only dance class/party in it for you! If you have any ideas or questions, please reach out via facebook or email (umahn2(at)
  • Rebecca Akong
  • Erika Brenner
  • Laura Antymniuk

Gender & Sexual Minority Students’ Representative

  • Eli Milner
My name is Eli and I am a second-year transgender student at Robson Hall. I am currently on the Outlaws Executive and I am committed to developing a dual role in order to ensure effective consultation and accountability. I have collaborated with the MLSA and Outlaws Executive on the Gender Inclusive Washroom Initiative. Myself and an admired classmate have effected changes to the Negotiations curriculum and advocated for material pertaining to bias, privilege and minorities in this context. If you have taken a class with me, you have heard me consistently critique the systems that adversely impact gender and sexual minorities. As an employee of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, I am immersed in public interest advocacy. Exposure at the Commission allows me to constantly develop understanding of the effects of intersectionality and how to administer responsible representation. As a representative of the nonhomogeneous array of LGBT2SQ* students, inclusivity is a priority. I want to hear from you, so come chat!
  • Ari Loewen
My name is Ari Loewen, and I’m a 1L student running for the position of Gender and Sexual Minority students’ representative in the MLSA Winter Election. I’m a queer, trans, gender non-binary individual, and my pronouns are “they/them”. I’m a white settler striving to be a better ally, and working to make spaces anti-racist, anti-white supremacist and more accessible. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a BA majoring in Theatre Design and English with a persisting interest in critical theory and pop culture. I worked as a glass artist for 6 years prior to studying law. As an artist and an intersectional feminist, I seek collaborative, creative approaches to advocacy. I believe grounding discussions with an awareness of emotional labour enables us to interact more responsibly, intentionally and with greater compassion. I’d be thrilled to be your Gender and Sexual Minority students’ representative, thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Part-time Students’ Representative

Students Providing Care Representative

Visible Minority Students’ Representative

  • Anisha Sahota

Anisha Sahota is running for the Office of Visible Minority Students’ Representative. Anisha comes to Robson Hall after working as an Intake Counsellor, where she assisted newcomers with their employment and settlement integration. She believes in empowerment and creating space for dialogue, and recognizes the importance of an intersectional approach to understand the varying needs of newcomers and minority groups. Anisha received her undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, She also minored in Sociology and Criminology. During this time, she danced competitively with the SFU Elite Bhangra Team, worked full-time, and volunteered with a non-profit promoting gender equality in the South Asian community. In her spare time Anisha loves sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching reruns of ‘The Office,’ or choreographing dance routines that no one will ever witness. Anisha is eager to advocate for minority groups at Robson Hall and represent their voice to the MLSA.

  • Suraj Lakhi
My name is Suraj Lakhi and I am running as the Visible Minority Students’ Representative for the MLSA council. As a visible minority there have been instances in my life where I felt my voice and my concerns were not being heard. My friends have also experienced the same; thus, my goal as the Visible Minority Representative is to bring those concerns forward and try my best to have them addressed. Furthermore, I would like to work alongside other representatives such as the Gender and Sexual Minority Representative, the Students Living with Disabilities Representative, and the Womens’ Representative to make sure our concerns are addressed and that we are heard by the community at large. It would be an honour and a privilege to work for the visible minority community at Robson Hall.

A01 Historian

  • Raven-Dominique Gobeil (Acclaimed)

A02 Historian

A03 Historian

2L Representative

  • David Barbour (Acclaimed)
  • Amber Harms (Acclaimed)

3L Representative

  • Amanda Hince Siwicki (Acclaimed)
  • Shea Sanders (Acclaimed)